Sunday, February 24, 2008

Introducing: Eco-Village

So I've been working on a project with some of my friends and comrades. We are working towards a sustainable settlement, using our camaraderie as a force to create a part of the Permaculture our world needs.

It is a grand Project. When I say grand I really mean... like... grand scheme: ambitious, bold, epic, big and yet small. Extravagant to some and yet not so extravagant if you think about it. It's actually quite simple. It's seems to actually be a project based on the least resistance and most broad realization and understanding of life itself. It seems to be a key element in ourevolution both spiritually and physically.

In grand...I also mean that it causes a lot of resistance from mainstream society. From what I'm gathering Permaculture in it self is based on designs and planning in order to integrate rather than segregate from our natural environment. I think that our own internal organization is another element of Permaculture and part of integrating with our natural environment. But it will also take a lot to integrating with the larger authoritarian global dominating legal and financial organizations to make it happen in the first place.

I guess right now, while we are learning about integrating with our natural environment - with out friction - we are focusing as a group to figure out the best way to work with the government and the banks although it seems at some points to challenge our ideals. (keeping in mind the legal and financial need for status like non-profit, corporations and co-ops, grants, loans, mortgages and taxes)

We are having community meeting to work out our designs, plans, process, communication and details. I hope to have a draft of our mission statement, vision statement and business plan completed soon. We've found a piece of land that seems, for now, to be the perfect location for our Eco-village. I'll tell you about that later.



Jules said...

Yay Benny for setting up this Blog...thanks

Leigh Blackall said...

Well said there Benny.

Over the period of the design course, I hope to see more of your project. Right now we are preparing Base maps and Sector Analysis Maps. Basically they are plan drawings that capture what our project sites look like now (Base) and what is happening on them in terms of actions and conditions (Sector). Doingthis for a village scale will be huge though...

Here in NZ, I know of a project that is modeling on the estate scheme. It is a large devided portion of land with exhibition homes at the entrance. People view the exhibition homes and plans and choose to buy into it or not. Of course there are some significant differences to the mainstream estate marketing schemes. I'll try and get a buddy who knows more about it to fill you in if you're interested.

Captain Benny Pants said...

Thanks Leigh I would love to have some dialog with your friend...

hadashi said...

Hi Cap, I'm Leigh's buddy. I'm involved with Atamai here in NZ.
My gmail is